Privacy & Policy

The privacy policy states an agreement between the customer and The Us Printing about a different aspect of your data use. We are aware of and abide by all the rules and regulations of state and federal laws. Also, we are dealing with your data with extra care and responsibility. We are entirely responsible for the whole information related to your personal as well as credit cards with official bank accounts data, which we needed to process your order, which is placed online. We do not share your data with any other company, organization, or third-party entity.

But if we are asked by the law an order institution or security agencies, we are bound to reveal your personal information to them because as per the state laws. Ultimately our website is very much secure by the latest protocols with advanced security certificates, which make sure to prevent any data breaches.


How we collect your information

We collect your user information for the improvement of your shopping experience and suggest the most relevant offers in the future. Also, we collect some of your information for future use when you come back to purchase something. We may collect your operating system version, IP address, location preferences, and this whole information are maintained in the log files to provide a better user experience for our customers.

Most of the time, you need to fill your personal details, which may also include your credit card details, uploaded through a secure protocol is provide permission to The Us Printing that we can process your orders using your personal information. But we ensure that we do not reveal your personal information to any of the banks, organization, or any entity which is not part of our processing loop. But you do permit us to share your information with the relevant institutions which are necessary to complete your transaction and also lie in our order procession loop, which can be some bank departments, shipping companies, and our legal institution.

We may contact you or send you some of the most exciting offers, coupon codes, or most relevant deals for you using emails, and if you feel you should not receive those emails, you can simply unsubscribe through the link provided at the end of the same email.


We provide you maximum security

Our customers are the most valuable things we have, and to secure your information is always remaining our first priority. We are talking a lot of profession measures to secure your data inside the organization as well while sharing with relevant authorities. We also invested in the latest security certificates and protocols to ensure the safety, which we keep updating over time. We are aware of the most recent cyberattacks to steal sensitive information, to deal with these kinds of situations we have an expert on board which always maintain a secure environment for our customers.


Cookies policy

Our website uses cookies to collect your essential information like which page of the site you visited how many times, which thing you bought last time, and how you are behaving on your website. Just to make this experience more alluring, we collect the cookies, but if you feel you are not comfortable in sharing this information, you can disable them very easily on our website.


We are responsible

The Us Printing is a very much responsible professional organization of the market and very well aware of all kinds of data usage policy. We always here to secure your personal information from any kind of misuse and very much strict to violations.