Terms & Conditions

The terms and condition is a type of international agreement which is happening between the user and The Us Printing. If you are visiting our website, then you need to abide by these terms and conditions, which are mentioned below. The Us Printing has the unanimous right to change, alter, dismiss, or disqualify any term here any time without prior notice. The wholesale and purchase model will be followed under the light of these terms and conditions.


The Us Printing has a firm copyright policy. We do not allow any other person, organization, or entity to use our name, logo, or company graphical illustration for their personal use without our permission. Anything which is uploaded or displayed on our website only belongs to us, and no one has the right to use it or even alter it for their personal or commercial use. If violations found, strong legal actions will be taken.


Return and refund policy

We have a very alluring user-friendly return policy, as you can return your order only in case of if you found any mishap in printing, quality, or size issues within the time deadline of 48 hours. You are bound to inform us in 24 hour working time about the issue you receive in our service; otherwise, the company will mark the order delivered.

We also provide you another policy of refunds which is based on some serious or severe incompatibility to your demands. One of our team members at senior post will examine your claims and provide his findings and final verdict to the higher authorities. The authorities will decide either a refund will be granted or not, and also you are not authorized to take this decision in any of the legal institutions of the state.


Order acceptance/ cancellation policy

You need to pay a particular portion of the agreed amount in advance with the surety of all taxes, and charges are paid. You can choose the most trusted and secure means to pay the dues.

The Us Printing reserve the right to cancel, halt or totally reject the order if the user is not able to fulfill the agreement terms and conditions and delay the payment. You can only ask for the change till then the requirements not reach into production, but after we don’t entertain any of the modification or customization. Also, you are bound to pay the service fee, tax, or any charge which is imposed by the authors or government.


Price and services

The company can alter the cost of any of their product at any time at any level. Also, we can halt all of our services due to any issue without prior notice.


Warranty/ guarantee

The Us Printing does not believe in a warranty for its products, but we are providing some alluring policy of refund, which you can read above in the paragraph.


Late delivery

The Us Printing is responsible enough to deliver your products at your deadline, but we are not responsible for the delay or late delivery by the other or third party courier services.



These all terms and condition are act as an accord between the customers and The Us Printing. Both parties are bound to fulfill the whole requirement and respect each other at an equal level. The customer does not have a right to challenge any of the rules and regulations of the company in any institution of the state.