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We are the manufacturer of custom Shoe Boxes designed to give convenience to our customers. We can make the cardboard boxes as you need for your business or your online store. Get your boxes custom made.

Our patented shoe box has the advantage of having a window on the front, which allows you to locate the footwear without having to open the boxes. A front door of the box allows you to remove the footwear from the front, avoiding having to lift the boxes. It also has a system that allows anchoring, preventing the boxes from moving.

In the same way, we can manufacture the custom box that our client needs, as well as custom cardboard boxes. You can count on your logo on the box. We have shoeboxes, boxes to measure bottom and lid, a box with window, boxes with drawstring, boxes with handles, matchboxes, chest boxes, and many more models that we can develop. Contact us to get your personalized box and custom boxes. Ask for a free estimate, you can even get a free sample.



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